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Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Video For Marketing

Visual content is the key to greater engagement, especially when videos are so shareable on social media. Audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, share and comment on video content compared to blogs or related social posts. so you Should Use Video For Marketing.

Are you looking for a way to cover a specific type of audience for branding?

Or do you want to reach the global audience?

Go for Visual Marketing! 

From a small child to an old aged person, from an auto driver to a pilot, from a small retailer to a big business tycoon, you’ll find everyone on the Web having access to smartphones and e-devices. People today are more likely to search for a video of a context on YouTube, rather than looking for its information on Google.

The world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social videos every day. Don’t you belong to the same world and stick like glue to the most entertaining and educating videos deluded on the Internet daily?

Do I need to say more here? 

Still, I’ll make you familiar with some convincing reasons accompanied by stats to favor video marketing which provides sky-high business growth, holistically.

Key Reasons Why Videos act as a Crucial Element in Marketing 

# Videos Better Display Your Offerings

In the sale-purchase business, skilled marketing professionals can do wonders while selling a product/service in person, and this is what has given fruitful results for years. But how online businesses are to convince their consumers?

Here the visual brand descriptions and elements come into play where they take the place of potent face-to-face human interaction, thus, explaining things in the form of a short story, consuming the minimal time.

So, go win the race by visually arresting the audience through digital means!

# Explain Everything with an Emotional Connect

“One minute of a visual is equivalent to 1.8 million text words.”

Boring talking heads cannot break the clutter anymore. Today, videos are in power and describe everything from start to finish making a perfect combination of entertainment, and engagement bound with the primary purpose.

A video Evokes and Provokes!

Indeed, a moving visual can put a significant impact on individuals than the contextual content. A video can make you laugh, cry, motivate, urge, etc. to evoke your emotions; however, it depends on the objective, considering that it’s been developed. 

A visual carrying a business purpose won’t immediately make you feel to run out and buy the product but is more likely to retain its focus for long in the brain that plays a part later in a more subtle way.

In the marketing domain, if you are can kindle an emotion, it enhances the possibilities of turning on the frequency of customer decision-making.

# Develops Trust and Humanize a Brand

“Trust forms the ladder to Acquire more Conversions and Sales.”

You build trust; you create long-term relationships. So why not do it in a unique, eccentric, and in an interactive way? The new era needs to be ignited not merely with relevant and contextual content but with a visual story point-blank in a 60s video clip. 

Videos present a product in a conversational way where 57% of consumers agree that videos gave them more confidence in purchasing online.

“Content alone can’t do the whole of Advertising!”

Certainly, the content has great importance in digital advertising; that’s why we say that Content is the King. But how about using the minimum of content and a maximum of images, thereby, making Video Marketing as the new King. 

Videos are capable of taking the face of a real human and telling an inspiring story to engage more with a message without missing any single business objective. One can personalize and customize the videos well and show the consumers what he wants to show them actually. This is how you can humanize marketing with the base of different video types.( like GIFs, short stories, animations, AR/VR, explainers and a lot more)

# Improves SEO, High Visibility

Off-Course, an online business makes hard attempts to be categorized as SEO-Optimized as this the only key to rank #1 on the search engines. As per the availability of different video types like animated videos, explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and much more, don’t you think that embedding videos on landing pages to trigger a CTA would be a success?

Wait! You are just thinking, people around the world have even received amazing results after applying this into practice. 50% of people went to make a purchase for a product after seeing its video.

“High is the Ranking; Widespread is Visibility.”

A video, when done right, would get viral; nevertheless getting viral is not only the reason to create one. A brand will get visible if its promotional video has all the realistic and rational elements- a Purpose, a Feel, an Interaction, a Story, and ultimately, the Message to be Conveyed.

That’s all a visual must possess and you can use it as an ignition to fire up the stage by performing the best among the competition. 

For more video encouragement, look out for Video SEO and Marketing techniques.

# Boosts Conversions, Sales, and Ultimately, the ROI

All facts being read and knowingly that the human brain can retain visual data more than the paper content for long, no one can deny that videos can earn you some serious money for all type of businesses. So if you are developing a product, start working on its video creation as well because it takes a lot to produce an effective brand promotional visual asset.

Videos help convert more visitors into customers than any other advertising form. More than 70% of the marketers agree than they have witnessed a remarkable hike in their conversion rates and sales, which has helped them to outperform.

Once conversions go up, the graph of business ROI also reaches an apex leaving aside the fact that video production is not that easy as a video is on eyes. One can look upon various video marketing software, video producing firms, and even some smartphones (can make decent and simple videos) for getting 10x business growth.

This is not the end of the reason list, I can pen down many other reasons which would make you believe that in 2019 and beyond, Video marketing will dominate to be one of the most robust digital marketing strategies.  

Take a look at a few more:

– Videos have more social shareability than other means of marketing.

– Videos outdo the competition and are capable of winning the race among other advertising forms.

– In this world of mobile, Videos are the ones who appeal the most to mobile users.

– Undoubtedly, visuals get the highest click-through-rates in Emails.

– Videos help to connect with a broader audience, thus, enticing them to make a purchase.

– Videos help to derive organic traffic towards the business.  

Last But Not The Least!

Video ain’t going anywhere soon, and in this imperial digital world, people want to see and hear everything in a real-life context, that puts a deep impact on the brain and which calls for action. Digital marketing is not only to think solely of profit, but it is to think way beyond that, in order to multiply that percentage of profit in the years ahead by being more rational and visible.

Emotionally charged, creatively designed, deeply engaged, and purposefully targeted videos are the crucial pointers of visual marketing, which eventually covers all the digital marketing goals in one and keeps the potential to deliver jaw-dropping outcomes.

Go ride the wave of video marketing! It has unexpectedly more what we know now.


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