Leads Generation Hacks: Top 10 Most Effective Methods Of Generating Leads

Leads Generation Hacks – Leads are great business needs it, the more leads you have the more the revenue which over time transforms into more profit. But to generate good leads you need to a good product that comes with it.

Lead generation hacks

But before your leads could convert you have to do some few hard work on your side, tips we have listed to help you generate more leads to your brand, but before then let state a definite definition of these leads. Leads can be defined as an avid interest a customer shows in a product or service. Leads can be generated through the means of list buildings, or newsletter.


10 Most Effective Methods of Generate Leads

1. Engage Them Directly

Engaging the audience need not mean answering their questions on FAQ section. The best way to get closer to your potential customers is by either live chats, social media sites, or online forums where someone from the company (like a customer care representative) can speak freely with the audience directly, feel what they feel and interact with them one on one, that way you can easily convert them to leads.

2. Try Inbound and Outbound Marketing

To some marketers, outbound marketing may seem outdated but the truth is, it is still very effective even till date. But to generate enough leads, you just have to apply the two (inbound and outbound) methods.

Though we will advise you to pay more attention to an inbound system of marketing which requires you sending some personalized emails, going to some online communities like Facebook and Twitter and solving some of the problems by answering their questions.

That way, they will be able to trust your brand and wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars on it.

3. Be Abreast with New Innovations

New technologies are introduced to the market every day before now every email user tends to access their emails via a computer set. Today 65% – 75% of email users do so using their smartphones.

So, as a marketer looking forward to generating enough lead, you must try to adapt to newer innovations, send emails that are mobile optimized. That way, you be able to reach out to more people who are interested in the product.

4. Use your Twitter Handle

Well, you have to know that twitter is not just a social Media network Site; you can also use the medium to generate many of leads for your product (if you use the right tool).

With tools like Followerwonk® which enables you to search and analyze the information about your followers, know what they are talking about your followers, know what the tweet is all about it, and gives you their locations which enable you to understand which geography wants what.

5. Stick to Information Contents

For you to convert your followers to leads you need to you need a reason, by giving them some informative contents you are actually making them realize that you know more about the product and they can always run back to you when they have problems with it.

While writing the contents try some images, video, or infographics associated with the concept which will further toss-up the article content.

6. Make use of Market Tools

Aside from an email extractor, there are still some Digital marketing tools that can help you convert your leads. One of these tools is Drip®, a software application that facilitates the automation of the marketing offer through the form of pop-up and some other interesting marketing tools.

Other marketing tools you need to consider is the AgroPulse®, a social media tool which is made to manage your social media marketing activities.

7. Solve Problems on Quora

Everybody loves solutions, so why don’t you be part of that solution. Create a Quora account if don’t have one. Try and engage in trends that are related to your niche. This way you will be able to convert the members to leads through the replay you give them while replying to their questions, introduce your brand to them as well.

8. Drop good Comments on other Blogs

This is the moment you just have to be helpful comments while making comments on other people’s blogs try to make it look more of an experience and also deals with the brand in question, you should be in a position to clear them of their doubts while linking them with your own brand.

9. Email Marketing

Now, this is the most popular of them all, it is the best way to generate leads; it comes in different methods and techniques. You can use the email extractor software which has the ability to generate hundreds, if not thousands of emails and send a marketing email to hundreds of people at once.

The email extractor comes in both online and offline, but we will advise you stick to the online-based Web Email Extractor which has been recommended by thousands of businesses worldwide and has been proven to be the best marketing tool around.

While using the email marketing tool to generate more leads, try to make your messages are as concise as possible and your subject line catchy. Add an action button, and embed the right image on the email letter, that way your audience will connect to you overtime hence converting them into profitable leads.

10. Include Signatures

Some make the mistake of forgetting to add their signature to every mail they send. When we say signature we mean the ones that contain your company name, phone number, email address, your social media links e.t.c. By doing this you are proving to the audience that you are a legitimate marketer and with time they will be able to trust your emails hence, trust your brand as well.

There are still more ways to generate leads, those ones mentioned above are the vital ones often used by internet marketers. On the part of including your signature, you can also add your company logo, and while creating your account on Quora make sure you do so using the company name. But in all of this, we will advise that whichever method you choose to use try as much to give it your best shot. Happy marketing.


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Ashis Kumar (Guest)

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