Why Social Media and Web Design is Important for your Brand in 2019

If there is one requirement that needs to be met by brands today, it is that your brand needs an ONLINE PRESENCE! There are no two opposing views about this and leading brands of today will agree.


Why Social Media and Web Design is Important for your Brand in 2019


Anyone claiming otherwise is not just a pariah in today’s business world but risks running the business into the ground. Local businesses too need to invest in social media and web design. Therefore, many companies offer web design services in Dubai.

An essential part of your online presence is your activity on different social media channels and web design. Effective incorporation of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, or any other social media channel into your brand will increase your reach and serve as direct communication between the brand and its customers.

Similarly, web design is equally vital for brands’ in the Digital Age as customers spend more time online than elsewhere.

Despite the Digital Age and continuous innovation in the field of technology, people are skeptical about the importance of web design and social media for a brand. They argue that people will buy a product they need or want regardless of the brand’s social media presence or web design.

While it may be true for some individuals, a significant percentage of today’s population prefer to buy their products online. Then why shouldn’t brands invest in their social media and web design!!! The following paragraphs will highlight why social media and web design are essential for a brand.


The brand’s social media pages and the website are the first things that users go through when they need to inquire about a brand or hear about it for the first time. The web design and social media, therefore, are the first impression that a user perceives of the brand.

If the website and social media pages are poorly designed, your first impression will be a forgetful experience for the user. Therefore, it is advised to invest in web design and social media to give a strong first impression.


Social media posts and effective utilization of your web design improves your search rank. Where you rank on different search engines determines the success of your brand. As most people use Google as their search engine, it makes getting a high rank in the Google search index a top priority.

The effective utilization of keywords in integration with the overall web design can do wonders for your search rank. Social media can also play a decisive role in the eye of search engines for that particular brand.


How do people know about Nike, Adidas, Zara, Dominoes, FC Barcelona, L’Oreal, Kardashians, etc. even in the farthest corners of the world? Do their brand ambassadors or company executives visit around the world to promote their ideas? The answer is simple and straightforward, ‘NO!’.These famous brands and many others like them use the power of social media and their websites to target audiences in all regions of the world.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant, and others are known the world over thanks to their regular updates on social media. Similarly, Nike, Adidas, and other commercial brands can sell and market their products through their websites and social media.

In many parts of the world, brands do not directly sell their products. However, customers can buy products through the company website. If the web design of the brand is not user-friendly, it will not affect the company’s revenue stream but also leave a wrong impression. In today’s age, one negative review will reach more people than a good one.


Today’s tech-savvy customers go through countless feedbacks and websites before deciding which product to buy. They will scour through your website and social media pages to find information on their desired products. So, what happens when you do not have an effective web design or your social media pages show no activity? Even worse, what happens when there is no website or social media presence?

The answer is that the customer would be dissuaded from buying the product and would likely go to your competitor. The lack of social media presence or a basic website might even signal that the brand is fraudulent.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, today’s reality is that online presence is a must for anyone or anything to be considered authentic these days. Effectively setting up your online presence can retain and attract customers and inform them of any latest developments.


Brands today are beginning to realize the importance of a marketing-oriented approach. What the customers want was one of the most complex questions before the Digital Age. However, the advent of the Digital Age has changed how brands communicate with their customers. Instead of telephone calls or door-to-door surveys, brands can utilize their online presence to know more about their customers’ preferences.

If a brand is launching a new product or a feature, it can just post an update on its website or any social media channel. Not only would it reach more audience in a shorter duration, but it would also allow the brand’s customers to communicate what they think about the new feature or product. Through a quick Q/A session on Facebook Live, customer apprehensions can be removed. All of this requires an effective strategy.


Instead of visiting the company center or wasting time on calls, customers can now communicate their queries online through social media or the company website. Likewise, it presents a cost-effective opportunity for brands to resolve customer complaints. Instead of setting up customer centers or call centers for dealing with customer queries, they can use their online presence to resolve any query.

Microsoft has its blog on its website which communicates what the company is or planning to do. They also use their blogs to provide solutions to customers for common problems. Other companies like Amazon or Alibaba are known to resolve customer complaints on their social media channels. Without an effective web design or social media channel, customers would feel further frustrated as the traditional method of resolving complaints takes too long.


Not all brands can afford to dish out $8.1 million on a 90-second commercial as Pepsi did during the Superbowl XXXVI, 2002. Marketing campaigns cost a lot and do not guarantee that they will meet the desired goals. Social media advertising, on the other hand, is inexpensive and can be targeted to the desired customer base. Ads on Facebook or Instagram cost less than traditional marketing forums and reach a wider audience.

Even if you do not wish to spend on social media advertising, a brand can use its website for effective advertisement. It would require an innovative and customer-friendly web design. Online retailers like Amazon continuously advertise themselves on their websites. It is not only cheap but effective as millions of users visit the site every day.


The proliferation of companies in Dubai offering web design services in Dubai and social media services shows how much importance they hold for a brand. Not only is an investment in these two fields inexpensive but is bound to provide more value than other potential investments. Therefore, start taking a keen interest in your web design and social media activity if you wish your brand to succeed.


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