Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy You Can Implement in 2018

Whether you are a social media freak or just new to it, Twitter is indeed an amazing platform to market your business. It is a powerful platform and is intensified when you take the right twitter promotion ideas and use them. This can generate leads, build a loyal audience and spread responsiveness. If your Twitter marketing is not working or you not aware of how to use hashtags, this article will help you explore twitter marketing tips that increase engagement and bring more traffic to your website. Many of twitter professionals who have used Twitter marketing strategy to share these tips to successfully market your business.

Twitter promotion strategy

Every single minute, more than 7000 tweets are being sent, the minimum lifespan of one tweet is 15-18 minutes. This makes it difficult to get your messages to make an impact. As a result, superb twitter advertising ideas will engage more people and pay attention to you. Though, it can be hard to know what techniques work to get people but not difficult.

Let’s shed some light on the smart twitter marketing tips that actually work:

Optimize your bio

Your Twitter bio should be a killer one that comes right under the profile photo and should not be more than 160 characters. Just mention who you are, what you do and who founded the company. Having this bio will tell folks what you are into and include a company link so that people clearly understand.  Some of the points you can keep in mind while creating your bio are:

  • Keep it precise. Mention people what your brand is all about
  • Boast a little about your accomplishments and in case if you have a huge following
  • Include some comedy or original stuff to attract more people
  • Use hashtags so that folks find your account when they look for any term
  • Don’t forget to tag other brands you might be connected with

Complete Your profile

Twitter marketing strategy

It’s important that you complete your twitter account and provides complete information about your brand that contributes to the business story. Your profile is the only thing will be highly visible and you must mention a link to get traffic the most. Make sure the business’ identity has a worthy branding. A profile should tell about brand, business, who you are and what exactly you do. Tell people how they can approach you by mentioning enough information as your profile will be visited by people from the different region, city or county. You can also use targeted keywords for social media optimization.

Follow people

Twitter marketing tips

When you start following another user, you get subscription to access their account. To do that, you precisely check It and give yourself a superb twitter experience. Twitter also helps you come across people by going through your profile. Pay attention to the decisions you make in terms of following:

  • Your audience
  • Your peers
  • Your vendors and suppliers
  • Professional companies for your industry

Tweet during peak hours

There are times when your tweets get more attention. So, by finding the right day and time you can engage more people. Studies say that tweets getting posted on Friday and Saturday between 12 pm and 6 pm have tons of click. So, test how your content performs during these hours and lead to more potential customers. There is a good chance to catch up with your audience after a day full of meetings, workload, etc. This will help in building the relationship with the followers saying about you and your business. Otherwise tweet regularly to stay active on Twitter. Posting relevant information or any content once or twice a week will not keep up with the audience.


Twitter marketing strategy

Don’t forget to retweet as this will get someone’s attention. And re-tweeting someone’s post is also a good sign to cultivate credibility. This will enable you to get noticed and build a good bond with famous influencers. A tweet you post maybe go unnoticed, so if you frequently post it there will a chance to get lots of attention. While there is no exact figure how often you post, once a day is a good way to start at least and post your popular tweets as frequently as possible. Then you can test, see results and know what works best for you.

Use hashtags

Twitter promotion strategy

This is the best way to organize your tweets when followers look for a specific term. Don’t use more than 3 or 4 hashtags. To keep increasing your online presence, hashtags make a relevant connection to your brand. This is indeed a simple and easy way to look for some content and trends. If you are already an expert in this, use it to create engagement around new products and allure audience. Create your own hashtags. You can check what is trending as per your industry and accordingly target hashtags to create buzz around. So, avoid stuffing of hashtags and use those popular ones that grab attention.

Create a calendar

An idyllic platform for real-time marketing, Twitter is the platform where you can plan your updates. On your calendar can plan your main events that are related to your public. Twitter has a calendar of events coming in near time that can be planned before. So, share content and make your profile visible in case you miss updating any post. It is a good start to get the attention of scores of people.

Use quote tweets

Twitter marketing ideas

The quote comprises of 116 characters when you include a quote. You can have your opinion or retweet other’s people content. The main advantage of using quotes is to show your leadership by adding value. Go, find out the popular tweets as per your industry for your audience. Making the most of your Twitter efforts, this way you can stay in touch with your followers.

Content Strategy

Have some daily, weekly and monthly plans for social media networks. And tweet according to the growth of the brand. It’s not mandatory to upload content daily but there are many ways to post content on Twitter. Make sure your content is rich, unique and innovative to create a positive impact on the audience. Plus, identify your audience so that it won’t be difficult to reach out to them. Whenever you are sharing a link, keep your heading short. So that others who might want to share your tweet like it and retweet it.

Use keywords in tweets

Keywords are and will be important for getting traffic for web content whether talking about a post, tweet or blog. This enables followers to connect with users based on terms. Tweets basically send signals about what audience is experiencing in that moment. Targeting keywords in your tweets, you could easily reach out to people. Think of quality over quantity and makes your every single word count. This way you strengthen your tweet and people who are seeing it will be more interested in your products and services.

 Find the right audience

Twitter marketing strategy

There are a plethora of ways to focus on implementing the Twitter strategy. The one among all is to find people who reside in your location and are from the same industry. Don’t just follow people in hopes that they will follow you back. You might have a huge following but you can’t bloat your account until they are interested in the content or services you are promoting. Once you find your targeted audience, follow their tweets and compliments them for their work. This will give your brand exposure as a leader in the industry.

 Tweet without links

It’s not like everything you tweet must go live with the link. Tweets without links get more engagement. It is a powerful platform where you can gain trust, build relationships with the audience rather than sharing links. To nurture your goals, it is important to know the truth of what Twitter is today as a platform.

Interaction and response

Twitter promotion strategy

Don’t just follow. If you are not interacting with them, then there is no use they wouldn’t know about you. You will be alone tweeting with no interests received from audience’s end. So, start having a conversation with people you follow or like. By doing this, they will know more about you. You must see the difference between interaction with followers or just following and ignoring their tweets. If you are active on twitter and starting paying attention to other’s people post, they will know you are dynamic and they will definitely like to know about you. For example, you have 50000 followers and they are retweeting your stuff. Now you know that you will be getting so much attention to your website. Why not you do the same and get more engagement.

 Let your followers know about your presence on Twitter

What if you are not famous on twitter but known on Facebook or Google plus, let them know that you have joined Twitter. You can share the link and ask them to follow you on twitter. You can also add a twitter link to your other social media profiles so that your fans know about your existence on Twitter as well. Try not to post similar posts everywhere, bring some change to get more and more traffic to your website. Look for the great content or any information from some smart folks and share great things.

Promotional images

Twitter is all about building relationships and trusting those relationships. Post images of your products at least 3 times a week. As there is a saying, a picture says a thousand words and will be perfect for getting engagement higher than doing others stuff. Pictures are nothing new, but few people are taking advantage of this activity. It is very easy to use pictures than explaining something that most likely ignored by the audience. Ensure you respond to the followers who mention you as ignoring them can make them feel alienated. It is indeed no doubt tweets with images stand out and gain more interests of the people.

Use proper format

Twitter promotion techniques

Put all the elements in the right order like links, text, hashtags and images if applicable. You will require boosting your presence with the right twitter marketing tips. Use different formats to tweet the same information like quotes, poll or content with links. Add your own opinion to the link you are sharing as it will showcase your thought leadership.

Use video for more attention

Twitter promotion tips

Agree than images get attention but videos break pictures. Twitter enables Twitter users to upload a video or record a new video. Simply add videos that work best for you. Videos are still interesting and easily watchable. So, drive sales and boost click by using this quickest and easiest way. Your tweets that have videos get retweeted more as compare to other stuff. So, use them whenever possible. Videos help users learn detailed concepts easily.

Conduct polls

Twitter marketing tips

One of the best and easiest ways to engage more people on your account is by conducting polls. All you need to do is click on the poll icon and then add your questions and choices. Use calls to action to drive sales. Polls are conducted to get feedback and intimate engaging conversations with consumers. If you are new to this activity, pay a visit to other websites and check the way they are conducting and implement it in the same way.

Approach influencers

 Now approach influencers with a large following, all you have to do is pitching your ideas to someone from the same industry. If they like your ideas and convinced, then all it takes is one post to drive more traffic to your account. Go through the profiles of the influencers and check if they have liked your tweets. After that, send them the proposal of promoting your organization. This way they will boost engagement when you need the most.

These will help you know what to do and what works best for you. You have to be careful to figure out the right approach and implement it. Just make sure you don’t overload your followers with irrelevant content. Be sure to promote products that drive sales and generate far more traffic to your website.

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